NoTitleDelivery Date 
D1.1Mid-term Progress Report to EC30 Sep 2023
D2.1Stakeholder’s workshop & 2 seminars31 Aug 2023
D2.2Platform structure and initial content31 Aug 2023
D2.3Platform prototype and supporting material31 Aug 2023
D2.4Platform regulation31 Aug 2023
D2.5Final platform development and operation report31 Aug 2024
D3.1Learning resources and scenarios31 Aug 2023
D3.2Educational tools31 Dec 2023
D3.3Pilot education and assessment30 Apr 2024
D4.1Training material and methodology31 May 2023
D4.2Training platform31 Oct 2023
D4.3Teachers’ training activities30 Jun 2024
D5.1Project website30 Nov 2022
D5.2Plan for dissemination, awareness-raising and exploitation31 Dec 2022
D5.3Dissemination and awareness-raising material31 Aug 2024
D5.4Dissemination, awareness-raising and exploitation report31 Aug 2024
D5.5Sustainability plan31 Aug 2024
D5.6Awareness events31 Aug 2024