Work Package 1: Project management & coordination

The primary objective of this work package is to ensure co-ordination, co-operation and cohesion in all aspects of the project’s lifetime ensuring that all the foreseen activities are carried out accordingly with the approved work plan. This objective can be analysed in the following:

  • To ensure the project’s proper management and the achievement of its objectives in accordance with its time schedule and budget.
  • To provide administrative and financial management.
  • To ensure efficient planning and coordination, and provide the communication with the European Commission.
  • To ensure efficient steering of the activities, efficient risk and conflict management and establishment of a clear decision-making process.
  • To provide continuous monitoring of the project progress and assure the quality of deliverables.

Work Package 2: Platform for privacy professionals

This work package is linked to the strategic objective of providing DPOs and privacy professionals with continuous support in their activities, beyond a basic level, aiming towards specialised guidance on selected key sectors. To this end, it will develop and operate a collaboration platform for the exchange of knowledge. More specifically, the following objectives are pursued:

  • To analyse, design and develop the collaboration platform for DPOs and privacy professionals.
  • To prepare the initial content of the platform.
  • To engage an adequate number of stakeholders for the maximisation of the platforms’ use.
  • To operate and monitor the platform. 
  • To evaluate and assess the platform, in order to provide for future improvements.

Work Package 3: Educational material development

This work package is linked to the strategic objective of raising data protection and privacy awareness among the critical social group of children. It will specifically develop the educational program. pursues the following objectives:

  • To develop the learning resources.
  • To evaluate and adapt the learning resources taking into consideration pedagogical issues.
  • To design the learning scenarios, and develop the tools.
  • To perform a set of pilot education activities to several elementary and secondary schools.

Work Package 4: Teachers’ training

This work package is linked also to the strategic goal of raising data protection and privacy awareness among children. It will specifically develop the educational program, thereby pursuing the following objectives:

  • To set up a training strategy and methodology for teachers
  • To prepare appropriate training material for teachers
  • To develop and operate a teachers’ training platform
  • To provide training to a number of elementary and secondary school teachers

Work Package 5: Dissemination, awareness-raising and exploitation

This work package is vertical to the byDefault objectives, aiming at impact creation, exploitation and sustainability of the project results, and dissemination. Its objectives are the following:

  • To provide visibility of the project results
  • To set up and maintain the project website
  • To promote the byDefault approach, targeting large numbers of DPOs and privacy professionals, children and teachers
  • To raise awareness regarding the byDefault potential, and data protection in general
  • To network at the National and European level
  • To provide for the sustainability of byDefault results beyond the project duration