byDefault strategically pursues a dual goal: on the one hand, to raise data protection and privacy awareness among the critical social group of children; on the other hand, to promote the creation of an open source of knowledge for DPOs and privacy professionals.

In order to reach its goals, the byDefault project strives to achieve the following objectives:

Objective #1: Development of a comprehensive education program about privacy, targeting minors and especially using electronic services. On the basis of this program, byDefault aims at training elementary and secondary school students, thereby enhancing the privacy awareness and data protection culture. 

Objective #2: Train and support educators (teachers and professors), in order to be able to design and enact learning sessions according to the philosophy of the education program.

Objective #3: Perform a set of pilot education activities to several elementary and secondary schools, in order to assess the effectiveness of the training program.

Objective #4: Develop an electronic collaboration space open to DPOs and privacy professionals, fostering the exchange of general and, especially, specialised knowledge, such as information that is sector-specific or concerns the practical applicability of technologies.

Objective #5: Launch the platform, create a critical mass of content and users (DPOs and privacy professionals), monitor and assess its operation till the end of the project and beyond.

Objective #6: Maximisation of byDefault impact, through dissemination, networking and sustainability of project results. byDefault aims at being a project of high impact in the Greek society, with a European dimension.